The Jesuits Missions : Trinidad and Jesus

After our visit of San Ignacio Mini by night, we crossed the border to Paraguay. While waiting on the Carnaval to start, we made our way to Jesuits ruins of Trinidad and Jesus. Only one hour by local bus from the city of Encarnacion, we arrived early enough to the first ruins.

title - An afternoon alone in the Jesuits ruins of Trinidad and Jesus, Encarnacion, Paraguay. Two beautiful sites to learn more about the Guaranis and the missions.

The ruins of Trinidad

As we arrived at the Jesuits ruins of Trinidad, we discovered a very large and well maintained site. There were so few visitors that we felt like we were alone in the world! We therefore toured these sublime ruins in length and breadth without meeting anyone which gave us an idea… What would happened if we got lost ? We invite you to watch a quick video we have made with a lot of love!




Getting to Jesus from Trinidad, a question of patience

Once we finished our tour of the site, we returned where the bus initially dropped off from Encarnacion. Jesus, the second mission of the area is situated 11km further away on a small country road.

There is a bus that runs just about every hour, which can be taken at the gas station at the corner of the main road and the road going to Jesus. As we walked by when the bus stop should be, a taxi informed us the bus was not due to pass for another hour and a half… He would obviously be more than happy to drop us off for a hundred pesos… We refused, ate our lunch and started walking while hitchhiking in the meantime along the road. 11km … it’s a like a piece of cake! Nevertheless, it was 1 pm, 39° and 80% of humidity… We almost died with heat, had almost no more water and Jenny jumped every 5 minutes at the idea of seeing a snake leaving the edges of the road !

Fortunately, after 45 minutes of walking (and singing along a very annoying song we had created), the bus arrived. During the 10 minutes bus ride we found ourselves surrounded by young ladies of the region collapsed with laughter. Surely at our expense !

Jesus’ ruins visit

Jesus’ visit was a little faster than Trinidad’s. We recognised the same architectural style and although it is beautiful after a while it becomes a little stale. The ruins were extremely well preserved and the landscape in which they stand, breathtaking.



As we returned, we decided to hitchhike since the next bus was not due for another 2 hours. As a car arrived, we stretched our thumbs and hopped in a 4×4. We spent a great time exchanging stories about the téréré and the maté, our journey and their families German origins of which they are very proud of… 20 min later our first successful hitchhiking ended and we waited for our return bus in the company of a road policeman who seemed more interested in talking about European football and drinking his téréré than stopping the cars driving above the speed limit. We had a great time. Steven, however, found it harder than Jenny to follow the conversation in Spanish and most of the time nodded by repeating the names of footballers ! It was finally time to return to Encarnacion and look for a book of useful Spanish sentences for Steven.

Costs and useful info

Exchange rate in February 2017:€1  = 6095 Gs

Entrance for the 3 missions (Trinidad, Jesus and): 25000 Gs pp

Bus A / R Encarnacion -> Trinidad = 20000 Gs pp
Bus to Trinidad -> Jesus = 3000 Gs pp

Hostel in Encarnacion : Kerana Hostel = 80000 pp pn (dorm) – we liked this hostel located near the city center and 5 min from the beach. Good breakfast.
(note: as of May 2017 the owner of Kerana Hostel has decided to close and bring his family on a world tour trip)

** note that all the links we add are FYI. We are not remunerated by either the companies/organisations nor per click.

If you missed the article about the Jesuits missions in Argentina, it’s HERE 


Pin it - An afternoon alone in the Jesuits ruins of Trinidad and Jesus, Encarnacion, Paraguay. Two beautiful sites to learn more about the Guaranis and the missions.

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