This article is the second part of our stay in Trelew and Gaiman, Argentina. If you haven’t had the chance to read the first part, follow this link.

…It was time to leave the paleontologic park “Bryn Gwyn” and visit our final destination of the day : the Welsh tea rooms. We tried to hitchhike back to town but not one car passed so we decided to start walking the 8km in 30 degree heat…Desert landscape Gaimen

Now we have never been afraid of dogs, but walking by one farm was enough to forget that dogs could be nice. Out of nowhere a collie came running out of a farm, no biggie right? No, it didn’t stop.

It came uncomfortably close to us, baring all of its teeth and ferociously barking. We thought if we kept walking it would go back to the farm but for what felt like an eternity the damned thing never left, never stopped barking and genuinely scared the shite out of us.

For what ever reason it left, maybe it realised we weren’t a threat or maybe it got bored but it eventually stopped. We kept walking and at the first chance hitched a ride back to town.

Just in case we forgot that we were in a Welsh settled village, a ginger 20-something year old guy was the one to pick us up and drop us into town. Obviously a descendant of the settlers. He had no words of Welsh or English but dropped us off at our next destination, the famous Welsh Tea Rooms.

Casa Gales de te Gaimen
One of the welsh tea rooms in Gaiman. We didn’t go to that one which is a bit far (and we were still shocked after our dog encounter)

Now imagine the prospect for an Irish man to be faced with all you can eat cake and all you can drink tea, real tea. It was enough for Steven to feel homesick for the first time and enough to give him tea cravings for the next few weeks.

Tales From The Lens Tea in Gaimen

Welsh tea in Gaimen
Look at this cute little pot of REAL tea !

Posters in a welsh tea room Gaimen

When they say all you can eat and all you can drink, they really mean it! After a second go at the delicious crème tarts, which Jenny fell in love with, and as the tea sweats began it was time to head back to Trelew.

Costs and useful information

Currency (average) : 1 € = 16.38 ARS

Bus Puerto Madryn – Trelew : 63.5 ARS (3.87€ pp)
Bus Trelew – Gaiman (return) : 64 ARS (3.90€ pp)

Hotel “City” in Trelew – Double : 700 ARS (43€ pn)

Entrance paleontologic park “Bryn Gwyn” : Free + hitch-hike to/from Gaiman – MEF website (in charge of the parc)

Welsh tea – all you can eat/drink : 270 ARS (16.5 € pp)


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