In 2011, a farmer reported to the MEF (Paleontological Museum Egidio Feruglio) the discovery of bones about 260 km from the city of Trelew, in the province of Chubut in Argentina. The palaeontologists in charge of the discovery, extracted, protected and transported what looked like to be one of the biggest fossilised bones ever found on earth.

 After the discovery in 1987 of the Argentinosaure, the Argentinean desert had reserved new surprises for palaeontologists. In this new field they found 7 adults herbivorous dinosaurs, and more than 200 fossils among teeth of large carnivorous dinosaurs. As per the MEF, remains of plants also found in the area indicate that 95 millions years, these dinosaurs were living in large forests of huge trees.


According to researchers, the remains belonged to a particular group of Sauropod dinosaurs called Titanosaurs, including extremely large animals like Puertasaurus, found in Santa Cruz, and Argentinosaurus in Neuquén, Argentina.

To complete their work, the scientists required the assistance of the government to build roads to access this very remote area in order to transport the fossils found and conduct more research in the area.


Dinosaurs’ exhibition in Trelew

The MEF was built in Trelew as a centre for scientific activities, one of the most unique in South America. It offers a permanent showcase dedicated to the story of Earth, bringing the visitors back in time from the early paleo-men through millions of years until the Big Bang, the origin of Earth. Personally, we found this organisation a bit confusing. We thought it could have been a bit easier to follow the changes from one period to another if the exhibition had been built the other way around. But this is only our honest opinion.

All right… there are no pictures of the exhibition. We only played with the T-Rex !


During the exhibition we had the chance to observe fossils, replicas of dinosaurs but also watch a movie about the discovery of the Sauropod dinosaurs. We also measured how big this femur bone was, as we stood by a its replica.




The lab

At the moment of leaving the exhibition, the door leads to the Lab of the MEF where real scientists work ! Nobody was there when we visited but we could see fossils and bones labelled, probably waiting to be analysed. We thought that was pretty cool.

Let’s not talk about Steven’s joke that made me kind of laugh when he took this picture…


Costs and useful information

Currency (average) : 1 € = 16.38 ARS

Bus Puerto Madryn – Trelew : 63.5 ARS (3.87€ pp)
Bus Trelew – Gaiman (return) : 64 ARS (3.90€ pp)

Hotel “City” – Double in Trelew : 700 ARS (43€ pn)

Entrance museum MEF : 140 ARS (8.5€ pp)