South American Carnival Season

Noisy, colourful and raw, the Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival is probably the most known for its samba schools and its thousands of visitors. But what many do not realise is that all of South America is adorned with their finest colours under the sound of drums throughout the carnival month of February. Being considered a great social liberation in South America, carnival is specific to each country, region and city. Hundreds of festivals across the continent show culture and personality through vibrant and powerful music as well as costumes that are more or less showing off, making this festivity an excellent time to discover new cultures.


We didn’t fall in love with Uruguay

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Many people say there are places you immediately fall in love with or simply don’t. For us Uruguay was one of the places we didn’t fall in love with. The main reason we decided to go to Uruguay was for the Llamadas carnival. Upon researching the carnival and what else to do, we found plenty of blogs talking about fantastic colonial ports and world class surfing destinations. So from Buenos Aires we set off, planning to spend at least a week exploring the coastline of Uruguay. Continued

The “Llamadas” in Montevideo

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Montevideo is known for being the city that celebrates Carnival the longest ! In fact, during 40 days, the Uruguayan capital sparkles during street shows and samba parades. After attending the noisy and colorful sambodrome of Encarnacion in Paraguay, we travelled to Montevideo with the aim of seeing the “Llamadas” that are held in the heart of “Barrio Sur” and “Palermo”.


An afternoon in the old world of Colonia del Sacramento

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We set sail from Buenos Aires to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, in order to catch the famous Llamadas a couple of days later in the capital of Montevideo. We were excited to first spend a night in Colonia del Sacramento. Google image the town and you will see pictures from a part of history, cobble stoned streets, horse drawn carts and white sand beaches. We made it a must see during our time in Uruguay.