Understand the Booking System of Torres Del Paine

When you look into hiking Torres del Paine you find the names of Fantastico Sur, Vertice and Conaf and notice how messy it is going to be. At first everything seem really complicated as those 3 organizations are ran independently and manage different parts of the park. To book your stay in the park, you therefore have to jump from one website to another and plan accordingly to each one’s availability.

Let’s be honest, it is an absolute mind-boggling nightmare so before you start anything we will explain you the differences and will give you our tips and advice. Continued

Hitch-Hicking Patagonia Like A Boss!

Patagonia is the ultimate travel destination, but the long distances don’t exactly offer affordable transportation. The journeys are long and depending on the time of the year can be completely unreliable. For many, the most budget friendly and fun option is to hitch-hike north or south. So how do you make sure to catch a ride, safely and quickly? These are the tips we would like to share with you from our experiences hitch-hiking through the Argentinean and Chilean sides of Patagonia. Continued

Bariloche On A Budget

Bariloche is one of the main tourist destinations in Argentina and that’s for good reasons. The city centre looks like a Swiss mountain village with streets filled with chocolate, outdoor shops and houses made of wood and stones. The surroundings offer ski opportunities in winter and great hiking in the summer. Built of the side of the lake Nahuel Huapi, Bariloche is also a top destination for water sports such as river rafting. If you can afford the place obviously…


Barcelona: A day of food

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Breakfast : El Magnifico

Right in the fashionable area of “El Born”, El Magnifico prepares one of the best speciality coffees in Barcelona. The beans are sourced straight from Central and South America and are roasted in the shop. Whatever your choice: V60, Chemex, Aeropress or espresso, this is a great place to start off your day.

Lunch : Sagardi

The Basque tapas bar in the area El Born (east of Gothic) offers a range of hot and cold tapas. The cold tapas – Anchovies, Tortilla, Iberic ham, Cheese, etc. – are displayed on the bar and you pick the ones you like. Make sure to keep the “pinxo” (sticks) as you will be charged per units : 2.10€. Waiters also walk around the wooden tables with hot tapas as they are cooked offering options like mini hamburger, hot chorizo, Sausages, etc. Be quick to grab one !
For a light lunch, we would recommend to go for 5 pinxo (Steven overindulged with 7) and a cerveza, “Cana” (half) or “Jarra
” (Pint). Lunch time during the week tends to be quickly filled with the great atmosphere of the locals.


Diner : La Paradeta

This Catalan chain has opened 7 restaurants across Barcelona since 1993. It’s like going to a fishmonger. You choose your shellfish and/or fish, they weigh it and you pay. One more thing, you also let them know how you want it cooked ! Go grab a seat and wait for you number to be called. Ideally, order with the aim of sharing all of the dishes. They will come one after one as they are cooked. We paid between 15€ to 17€ per person every time we went there (wine or beer included).

Choice : Mussel, Oysters, Squid, Cuttlefish, Razor fish, Pulpitos, Chipirones, Tuna, Cod, Prawn, Langoustinas, Octopus etc. We recommend the Navajas and Calamari a la planxa (razor fish and squid cooked on a hot plate) and Chipirones frios (small squid deep fried). If you like white wine, try the Pescador which is a bit sparkling and goes very well with seafood (about 10€ the bottle).


Still space for a snack on the go ?

  • Something sweet : Chok. Very yummy chocolate, donut, cronut to pick and go or eat in (limited space). www.chockbarcelona.com
  • Something salty : La Fabrica. Large choice of homemade Empenadas. www.lafabrica-bcn.com
    This was a perfect snack to get us excited for our upcoming trip to South America.